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The Big Jim Tool box is a large box, which is used to keep tools. It is made from high quality polypropylene material, which is very strong and durable.

The benefits of having a tool box are:

  1. It provides you with  reliable security for your tools.
  2. It protects your tools from damage, from extreme weather conditions and from rolling around everywhere at home or in your car.
  3. It provides a place to keep all your tools organized and in one place so that, they are easy to grab whenever you need them.

Some of the basic tools that can be kept inside a tool box consist of;

  • Claw Hammer:

A good solid hammer that can be used for driving nails into wood, as well as doing small demolition tasks.

  • Tape Measure:

A dependable, retractable metal measuring tape, is a must in any tool box.

  • Flathead Screwdriver:

A flathead screwdriver, has a single blade, which easily fits into the single slot  of a flathead screw. In addition to driving in screws, flathead screwdrivers can also be improvised, for different uses like scrapping off.

  • Crescent Wrench:

The crescent wrench, is an adjustable wrench with a sliding jaw, which changes the width of the wrench. Making it easier to use on different sizes of bolts and nuts.

  • Socket Wrench:

When you have a large project, which requires you to tighten and loosen a bunch of nuts and bolts,  then you definitely need a socket wrench. Simply because, it has a gripping mechanism, which allows you to tighten a nut, without having to remove and refit the wrench after each and every turn.

  • Vise Grip (locking) Pliers:

Vise grip pliers come in handy, when you need an extra pair of hands.

  • Needle Nose Pliers:

An essential electrician’s tool, needle nose pliers are good for any household project which requires you to cut, bend, grip and strip wire.




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