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    8th of June 2018 at 12:00 AM

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The Woodstar Drill Sharpener, is an electric tool, which is used for sharpening drill bits, to make them perfectly angled and it can even be used to put an edge back on a broken drill bit.

Advantages include;

  1. It is safe and easy to use:

This tool can easily be used, by simply aligning the drill bit and setting it against the stop and locking it in place. As you sharpen, long jaws hold the drill bit precisely in place and jaw guides, eliminate jaw twisting on smaller drill bits. This secure alignment system, ensures that you maintain an accurate drill bit shape and it does not cause any damage to tools.

Additionally, it has a drill point splitting port, which offers a “Push to Stop” design, to prevent over-splitting the drill bit point. The adjustable material take-off, allows you to change the amount of drill bit material, which is removed to accommodate large, broken bits or extend the life of small, precision tools.

  1. It is engineered for versatility and flexibility:

It can be used, to sharpen drill bits of all sizes.

  1. It provides consistent power:

This tool relies on, a permanent-magnet motor, which produces consistent power, regardless of speed or load.

  1. It has a professional design:

It has an industrial-strength, diamond sharpening wheel, which will not change shape over time and this design means that, drill bits do not heat up and lose their tempering as you sharpen them. This wheel, which is good for about 200 sharpening’s, is easy to replace.

  1. It is easy to transport:

As a bonus, it conveniently comes with a rugged shell case, making it easy to transport it to the job site. This durable case, offers internal storage space; for the drill sharpener, two chucks, two sharpening wheels and a storage area for small drill bits or other accessories.




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