Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a deposit into your e-wallet?

You can deposit money into your e-wallet by either Ecocash, Telecash, Visa, Mastercard or Zimswitch(Vpayments). You can also make a deposit into Hammer and Tongues Bank account or bring cash to Hammer and Tongues Online Customer service office at Karigamombe, Shop No. 14 or any Hammer and Tongues office. To deposit cash into you e-wallet: 1. Go to "My Account" 2. Click on the "Payments" tab 3. Click on the "Make a Deposit" tab 4. Choose the deposit method you want to use and click on the type eg Ecocash 5. Enter the amount you want to deposit and click enter 6. You will get a text message on your phone confirming the deposit

How to participate in an Auction?

You need to have paid the prescribed deposit for the auction you wish to participate in. The deposit is paid by following the steps above. Once the cash is in your e-wallet, you need to allocate the required amount(s) to the auction(s) you wish to participate in. Follow the steps below: 1. Go to "My Account" 2. Click on the "Current Auctions" tab 3. Select the Auction you wish to participate in and tick ‘yes’ 4. Click save 5. . As you do so the system automatically allocates the amounts to the auctions chosen 6. Your available amount in your e-wallet will be reduced by the total of the amounts allocated to auctions selected 7. Now you can go ahead and bid!

How do I place a bid?

1. Check the bid increment amount for the auction you intend to participate in 2. Double click on the image of the lot you intend to bid on or click ‘Read More’ 3. Check the current bid and place your bid amount, adding at least the bid increment amount to the current bid 4. Click yes to confirm your bid 5. You will get an instant email confirmation of your bid 6. Keep track of the bids to ensure you are not outbid.

How do I know I am the winner for the lots I bid on?

1. Every time you place a bid, you receive an instant email confirmation of your bid 2. You will also receive an email when you have been outbid and you can place another bid 3. When the auction closes and you are the highest bid on the lots you were bidding on, you will receive an instant email notification declaring you the winner 4. Assuming the minimum reserve price has not been met and you are still the highest bidder, you will be notified by an instant email to get in touch with Hammer and Tongues sales team.

What time do I have to settle my bids once the auction sale closes?

You have 48 hours to pay for your auction bids from the time the auction closes.

What other additional charges do I pay on top of my bid prices?

Purchaser’s levy and 15% VAT will be added on top of the bid price. The purchaser’s levy will be specified on each auction.

How to withdraw money from your e-wallet?

You can withdraw your money from your e-wallet as long as the money is not allocated and you are not the highest bidder on auctions that are still running. Follow the following steps to withdraw your money from your e-wallet: 1. Go to "My account" 2. Click on "Payments" tab 3. Click on the "Withdraw Money" button 4. Provide you banking details here and click withdraw. 5. Hammer and Tongues Treasury team will process your withdrawal